Updating the Code

Both the sector’s understanding of good governance and its stakeholders’ expectations change over time. The Code’s steering group is committed to continually improving the Code by reviewing its contents and impact every three or so years. The latest review resulted in a refreshed Code being published in December 2020.

Consulting on the Code

The updated 2020 Code follows a rigorous consultation with the charity sector that received over 800 responses. The consultation report published in August 2020 includes the key themes identified in the consultation. You can download the report here (PDF, 194KB). The original consultation document can be downloaded here (PDF, 90KB).

Changes to the Code in 2020

This work has resulted in a refresh rather than an overhaul of the Code. This reflects feedback that the steering group must strike a balance between continually updating the Code and potentially disrupting embedding the Code’s use . The enhancements focus on Principle 3: Integrity and Principle 6: Diversity, now called Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. These were the principles that received the most consistent feedback in the consultation as the areas where change was required.

For more information on the changes:

Webinar: Refreshing the Code 

In this webinar, we share our progress on updating the Charity Governance Code. Hear from the Code steering group about changes that are being made to the Diversity and Integrity principles following its refresh.

Updates from the Code steering group

To find out more about the consultation or specific areas we are keen to explore, read the Charity Governance Code blog on Medium.